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Unnecessary Quotes

Years ago, I used to have a link on my blog to another blog called Unnecessary Quotes.  It's still out there and still being updated regularly with more and more content.  People send in photos to the blog author who posts all the good ones.  The photos are real word examples of the unnecessary use of quotation marks.  In most cases, these are photos of company signs or advertisements.

Since, in popular culture, quotation marks around a particular word or phrase have been deemed a denotation of anything but the literal sense of the word(s), it completely changes the meaning of the phrase.  The unnecessary use of quotation marks alters the meaning from its original intent.  Many of these examples turn out to have a humorous result when reading it as such.  Here are some examples.

No doubt this last little bit was to add some reassurance to the prospective customer, but I think Fidel missed the boat on that attempt.  Pun intended.
You must only feign caution.  Whatever you do, don't use actual caution.  Stop, that looks too safe.  You're not doing it right.
OR, you may find yourself stranded in whatever country you decided to visit.  (Also, I see they added an unnecessary apostrophe.  I hope their photography is better than their grammar.)
He's not sorry at all, he'll close whenever he feels like it, and he's not about to thank you since you didn't do anything anyway.

If you like these, you should check out the blog.  Very funny stuff.


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