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Andy & Andy's

Just in case you haven't heard me say it in a while, my wife is the coolest!  Last Friday, she took me out on a surprise date.  She said it was kind of an early Father's Day gift. I didn't know anything about what we were doing until we were outside in the parking lot and she handed me two tickets to see Andy McKee at the Gillioz!  What a cool surprise!  I didn't even know he was in town.

The show was awesome.  He is every bit as good as his videos would suggest.  He's definitely a guitar master with an incredible talent to make his hands do what his mind hears.  That's what's so cool about watching him.  Every song he plays isn't a standard 4-measure-and-repeat but a myriad of different sounds for which he's all over the fret board in no repeatable fashion at all.  Yet, he knows right where he's going next.  No song sheets necessary.

Halfway through the show I was thinking about how God must also find joy in watching Andy use the talents that He gave him.  Then, I just thought how pleased God is to see each one of us use his/her talents.  Not all of our talents are good for entertainment purposes, but we're all talented in different ways nonetheless.  And, like a great dad, He's no doubt our biggest fan.  Just neat to think about.

After the show, I considered hanging around to get a chance to meet with Andy, but at least half of the audience was doing this already and, as cool as it would be to meet him and get our picture with him or something, I was too eager to continue my evening with my beautiful wife.  And, standing around in line didn't seem like the way to spend it.  So, in transition from listening to the smooth sounds of Andy McKee, we hopped over to Andy's Frozen Custard to enjoy some smooth treats aimed at another set of sensory receptors.

Thanks for an amazing date, my love!


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