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4 Weeks Down, 8 To Go

This week, I had a HUGE spike in calorie consumption in a single day.  Sunday to be exact.  Several of us went out to lunch to Dickey's Barbecue Pit after church.  I knew that I had been doing fairly well and that I had been meeting my goals, so I figured "why not?".  I had the all-you-can-eat buffet.  And, boy, did I eat well!  I managed to bring in a total of 2264 calories for that meal alone!  Wow!

But don't judge me too soon.  I found out the other night that this is much easier to do than most people realize.  Take a pretty standard American-Style meal at a prominent national chain like Steak 'n' Shake.  If one orders the signature dish, a steakburger with a side of cheese fries with a chocolate shake to drink, they will wind up consuming 1970 calories.  Make that a double steak-burger and you just surpassed my all-you-can-eat buffet experience.

Thankfully, like I said, I did well the rest of the week so the Sunday lunch binge didn't have a lasting negative effect.  As you can see from the graphs, I once again came in under my weight goal despite Sunday's Mount Everest.

Also, I'm pretty proud of myself for turning down free food yesterday.  That's huge for me.  I love a free meal.  And, I was given the opportunity to choose between two boxed lunches from Panera Bread.  I chose to pass on both.  Yikes!


Sorry, I couldn't a done it. I really REALLY like free food.

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