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One Man Piano Ambulance

I got all the necessary tools from Harbor Freight last Thursday to be able to load pianos into the back of my truck by myself.  Yes, this sounds like an injury waiting to happen, but I assure you that I will be doing a whole lot less lifting doing it alone but with the right tools than what I would be doing if I were just muscle-ing it around with 3 other guys.  I've moved lots of pianos in my day, so I am well aware of the personal effort required.

I'm pretty excited about this on a number of levels:
  • I like having new tools that are good for lots of things.
    • Two furniture dollies.  Why haven't I ever bought any of these?!
    • Set of 6' steel ramps.  Hmm.  Need to go to the next level?  I'm on it.
    • 4000 lb. winch.  What's that, you say?  You need me to move 4000 lbs?  No problem.
  • My wife had an idea a while back that if we ever when we have the space, we can start a "piano rescue" shop.  We would take donated pianos as well as pick up pianos for free, perhaps even purchase some cheaply priced ones.  We would then repair, tune, and beautify the ones that had life still in them (like the before/after photos seen here) and we would repurpose the ones that didn't stand a chance into all kinds of cool things.  Getting started on one of wife's many dreams makes her happy and thus makes me happy.
  • I like getting things for free, but don't like not getting things for free because I can't find willing people to risk bodily injury to help move around 600-800 lb objects.
  • I have a very specific art piece in mind that I'd like to do that requires me to find and retrieve a junk piano.
So here's a photo of my One Man Piano Ambulance in action last Friday with some GIMP'd in graphics just for fun.  What do you think?


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