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Getting Further Away!

Well, my last blog was discussing the fact that the Lyric's birth was getting closer and closer, but now I must announce that it is getting further away. You may be asking yourself how could this be possible, but I doubt it. I'm sure that you've figured out that the reason it's getting further away is because HE WAS BORN! YAY!

He was born at 2:10 Saturday afternoon. He weighed in at 6 lbs. 13 oz. and was 20" long. There were some complications with the birth, though. Jodi fully intended on having him completely natural without any medication. Everything was progressing well, too. She toughed it out for hours and she made it all the way to being dilated to a seven. However, that's where the progression abruptly stopped. A total of eight hours passed at a seven and during this time Jodi was forced to resort to getting an epidural. After the long wait with no progress and after having tried some hormone shots to get things going again to no affect, we were told that a Cesarean section was eminent. This could've been terrible emotionally destructive news, but just as she had been throughout the entire pregnancy, Jodi was a champion about it. She's my hero.

The Cesarean went fast and went well. And quicker than I could imagine, I was a father again. Thank you to everyone out there who was praying for us. We were very well taken care of. Things seemed to be going worse and worse as time pressed on, but it turned out that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck once, his arm at the shoulder once and his leg once. If we had had the baby natural they would've had to have stopped it halfway through and perform an emergency C-Section. That would've been bad. They would've knocked Jodi out and I wouldn't have been allowed to come in, not to mention the fact that Lyric may not have survived it. So, we were taken care of beyond what we even understood. In retrospect, it all seems so obvious even though at the time we couldn't even begin to understand why things were happening like they were. So, I'll let this be yet another lesson to me. Never doubt the big man.


WOW! I'm an aunt again!! He is just precious, and yes, God always looks out for us and knows what's best!! May He continue to bless each one of you and your beautiful family. Welcome to the world, baby Lyric!! Love you, Aunt Julie

Yay! Yay! Yay! Lyric is born!!!! Of course, he is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I knew he would be! Jodi is a Champ! WOW! You guys did great and I knew you would! I can't wait to come and see you guys and hold the little man! See you soon! May God bless you all!

He is just beautiful. Congrats !!

OK I totally had tears in my eyes reading this bog. I'm glad the end result ended with a healthy beautiful baby Lyric.
It looks like little brother is excited.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys are both absolutely amazing! I hope you have lots of nights with many hours of sleep! God bless you all!

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