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Good News A' Plenty!

#1 Lyric gets the end of his thingy sliced off today for the low-low cost of about $50. We went through an ordeal trying to get it done while Jodi was still admitted into the hospital. The doctor's office wanted fax confirmation that it was covered under our insurance and our insurance company was acting like sending a fax was equivalent to pulling a tooth. It didn't get done and the wording of my insurance policy made it sound like it was no longer covered after being discharged from the hospital. However, under a higher degree of scrutiny, a magnifying glass, and the use of a law school approved dictionary it turned out that it was still covered so we'll only have to pay 20%.

#2 I've been carrying two and a half jobs worth of responsibilities for quite some time. People got moved or retired and instead of replacing them they just asked me to absorb their work. I did it. What's good for the resume is good for me. The good news is that my new supervisor decided to relieve me of most of the group leader responsibilities. He's going to take them on so that I can focus on our inventory control program. Also, he asked me to head up a brand new project and I accepted. The project is switching over the warehouse procedures from our old paper-trail systems to a new and improved handheld barcode scanning system. This move will bring us out of the 70's and into competition with modern business. Also, it means a BIG plus on my work history.

#3 It's friday! And I don't have to work this weekend!

#4 My federal tax refund got deposited today.

#5 The house we are trying to buy got appraised and while I don't yet know the exact dollar amount that the house appraised for, I did hear that the house appraised for at least the amount that we are trying to purchase it for. This is great because if it hadn't than we would have had to go back to the drawing board and start the whole process all over again.

Man, I love good news!


That's not just good news - that's great news!! (Except for Lyric, I'm sure!!) Looks like everything is falling into place for you guys!
Keep on doing whatever you're doing! (P.S. Love the pictures of the baby - he's adorable!)

Wow you've already got your tax refund. O'Reillys waited until the last day to send out w2's so we haven't even got to file.

And that's awesome to have so much good news in just 1 day.

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