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Home Alone

Today was Jodi's first day at home alone with Lyric. Her mom left Saturday evening after having stayed with us since Tuesday evening. She was a big help and we really appreciated her being here. However, today I came home and found a funny site. With no one here, Jodi finally got to catch up on her sleep. These two pictures show how I came home to find them. They were a couple of blanket mounds. It was cute. In other news, the old fart that owns the house that we are trying to buy finally signed something that we sent him. Last Saturday, we sent him a new addendum stating that he would have the termite treatment done and have the yard cleared of all the debris from the ice storm and have both these things done before the new closing date of February 16th. Eleven days and we could be Springfield's newest home owners! This could be us!


Too cute ! I am excited for you guys!! I hope all goes well with the closing !!

That picture of her says so much it doesn't even need exlaining.

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