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We bought it!

We closed on the house last night! It's finally ours! It's still sinking in. I don't think that it will completely seem real until we move in and start sleeping there. That will be a while yet. Our awesome landlords are letting us do a half month next month so that we will have about 35 days to get the place all cleaned up and fixed up the way that we want it.

Today, we couldn't help but get started on it. So, I woke up and changed all the locks this morning. Then, this afternoon we were all over there working up a sweat in a house with no heat. Jacob helped and learned a few things and Lyric helped by sleeping through all the hammering and other various noises we were making.

We started on the two bedrooms that had carpet in them. The slideshow shows the before (about 3:00 pm) and then the during (about 5:15) of several views. I say "during" because there is much more to be done than just removing the carpet, padding, and tack stripping. We'll have the real "after" photos at a later date.


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