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Passed Inspection

Yesterday held a few surprises during the inspection of the house. First, we got in the house and found out that the water was not turned on despite the fact that all the utilities were to be turned on during the inspection period. So, I call our realtor, who calls the seller's agent, who calls the seller, who tells the seller's agent that they are turned on, but that we have to turn them on at the meters. The message gets back to us and we proceed to turn the water on at the underground meter by the street. I go inside to check for leaks and I could hear water which is always a bad sign. I run upstairs to find the leak in the bathroom. Jacob ran out to tell my step-dad to shut the water off while I kept the pipe together as good as I could. Water was spilled, but not to an extent that couldn't be soaked up by the ugly drapes that the previous tenant didn't care to take with them.

With the water back off and no new leaks other than the one that was obvious we decided to attempt to get the furnace working. After all, it was starting to get dark and the temperature was dropping quickly. We turned the gas spigot on in the basement, but still it didn't appear to be on. We checked the meter and, sure enough, it was off. But, with a quick turn from my crescent wrench the gas was a flowin'. However, we didn't even make it around to the front of the house before we realized that turning the gas on was a big mistake. After we turned the gas back off and waited about 5 minutes, we could no longer smell the pungent odor of natural gas. We went back in and found the culprit. Apparently, there was a stand-alone gas stove in the foyer. The stove had been taken out, but the gas pipe leading into it was left un-capped. So, naturally with the valve on the meter turned wide open, the gas was blowing out the unblocked hole at high-pressure velocity. City Utilities came out and capped the pipe, turned on the gas, and even performed an inspection throughout the house and gave the gas a green light.

So, despite these wonderful experiences, the house passed our inspection of it and the buying process is still in full swing. Today, the house was inspected by the termite guys, but they must not of found anything or I would've heard. The next big test is the appraisal. If the house appraises for the amount of purchase or more than the whole thing will be sent to the title company and the underwriters where the rest of the buying process will be finished and then closing will be imminent. If the house does not appraise at the agreed purchase price, then it's back to negotiations for us. The good part of that would be that we could get the house for cheaper. The bad part is that if the house appraises for more than the agreed upon purchase price we still get to buy it for what we agreed upon. That means we would get automatic equity. That would be sweet.


airight! praise God another door opened up. a few things in the way but you kept the faith and a way to overome was provided. I'll be praying for the appraisal to be a great one.

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