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House Update!

Last week we made an offer on the house that we wanted. The counter-offer came back yesterday morning and we signed our approval of it last night which makes this deal officially under contract! We are now in the process of buying the house as opposed to just making offers and such. So, now comes the work. We have three days to get the appraisal scheduled (which our banker should be doing for us today) and ten days to get the appraisal and inspections done. We've been blessed with great family members, though. My step-dad volunteered to perform the inspections at no cost whatsoever! He's going to meet us tommorrow after I get off work and do it then. So, if everything goes well with the inspections and the house appraises for at least the price we agreed to buy the house at then we should be well on our way to closing the deal. Thanks for all the prayers and don't stop now!


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sweeeeeeeeeet. i'll be prayn for ya. also my url

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Awesome! Congrats. Thats a big house - you could have dozens of little Feltons running around in there.

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