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Emasculating Party

I've learned something new here recently. Apparently, society (and by "society" I mean a bunch of women) has invented another new custom. As I'm told, it is widely understood that many men are to have a "Diaper/Wipes party" while their spouses are at a baby shower. The father-to-be throws this party and the invites bring a package of diapers and-or wipes.

To the guys reading this, let me ask you a question. Does a Diaper/Wipes party sound like one of those parties that you look forward to or one of those parties that you are regrettably unable to attend because you have to do a lot of work around the house that day? I completely understand if the latter is the answer. I'm the one here with a child on the way and it's my responsibility to have this so-called party and even I believe that I have a lot of work around the house that I have to do whatever day it is that I's supposed to have this thing.

So, being the innovative guy that I am, I decided to throw the party, but also to change the focus. This evening at 5:00 pm I'm having a bunch of guys over for "The First (and last) Annual Felton Dart Throwing Competition Extravaganza!" (actual invitation shown at right) After the fatty foods are consumed, the competition will begin with a double-elimination bracket for the dart throwing. Simultaneously, the double-elimination bracket for Tekken 3 will be taking place. I even got a couple of prizes for the first-place winners of each tournament.

Now this is a party I can feel good about. We'll be savagely competing for two much coveted prizes with a fresh taste of blood in our mouths from the under-cooked hamburgers. What can one do to make it more manly than that?


Scratch the "under-cooked hamburgers" statement. No one will be getting sick from the small, black, dry disks that we called burgers. I've never mastered the grilled burger. Chicken and steak on the other hand are my specialties.

Best darn small, black, dry disks I've ever had! Actually very tasty burgers. Yes the men only diapy/wipey bash was a triumpant success. Seriously I had a good time.

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