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Intelligent Design

I want to expand on a previous blog entry that I wrote back in March. The subject is about the theory of Intelligent Design. I had a revelation of evidence to support this theory when I was 18 years old. Just so you know a little bit about me then, I was not yet saved, but I had been raised in church. Because of this solid foundation, deep down I believed in the existence of God. However, I had never come to see the power of God or His reality. From what I knew of God, He was a powerless god that once did powerful things, but only did them then and not now. Now, He merely was a spectator watching our lives unfold and a sorter of the good and the bad when we kicked the bucket.

This revelation came to me one night about two o'clock in the morning. I had just been brought home from the hospital by my roommate. Earlier that evening, I had lost control of my car while delivering a pizza and was broadsided by a Ford Bronco that couldn't avoid me as I slid sideways into his lane. It was quite an ordeal and for the second time on that mile stretch of highway in Ozark, Missouri I couldn't remember the ambulance ride into Springfield. I briefly told this story without much detail last year in a previous blog titled Head Injury.

What I didn't write about at the time was what happened on the way home from the hospital. When the nurses finally unstrapped me from the wooden stretcher that I was hog-tied to, glass went everywhere. I had been covered in broken glass in my car and much of it hitched a ride with me to the hospital. I brushed it all off and didn't give it any thought until the car ride home. I had something in my eye and was rubbing it trying to get it out, when it occurred to me that it might be glass and I therefore shouldn't be rubbing it. I quit immediately and resisted the urge to touch my eye the remainder of the trip despite an overwhelming desire to attempt its removal. When I got home, I went straight to the bathroom and pinched my lower eyelid and pulled down and away from my eye. I could see something in there but couldn't get my other fingers on it. I looked around the bathroom and found the perfect tool. A nail. As I pulled down my eyelid, I used the nail to slide the object towards the corner of my eye. It worked perfectly. I retrieved the object and found immediate comfort for my eye. I found that the object wasn't an object at all. It was merely a collection of sleep (people call this stuff a variety of names including eye goo and eye boogers, but I call it sleep and confirmed my proper use of the word). However, upon closer inspection, as I rolled it between my fingers, the sleep peeled away and revealed a 1/4 inch long sliver of glass.

Here comes my revelation. I was amazed at how complex the human body is and how it even had a defense mechanism in place for glass getting in the eye. It would've been very easy for that sliver to cut right into my eyeball, but instead my body surrounded it with a protective coating to thwart the chance of that happening. I realized that the human body is so amazingly complex, leaps and bounds beyond any other species, that there is just no possible way that we were an accident of nature. Our creation had to have been given great thought beyond our comprehension. Our very existence is evidence of a higher intelligence.

Let's take that a step further and look at our planet. Scientists even agree that the probability of Earth forming so perfectly placed in our solar system to contain life is beyond calculation. There are no other known planets that can sustain life. Science has found what appears to be evidence of water having existed on one of Jupiter's moons, but that's as close as it gets. And that even remains debatable, after all, where did the water go? Could the moon have lost its atmosphere? How?

I have a hard time making since of any theory that makes life out to be accidental. I'm not accidental. You're not accidental. We were made with purpose. Let the numbers speak for themselves. God was and is a mathematician. His design is meticulously put together and science reveals this all the time, but largely fails to credit Him with it.

Furthermore, upon searching "Intelligent Design" on for an appropriate picture to go along with this blog, I was surprised to see that 100% of the results were very hateful slandering at Intelligent Design. I searched further and found tons of articles, blogs, and rantings spewing a blind hatred for the Intelligent Design theory. It's not hard to see the obvious cause for this blind hatred. People get offended. But, it's more than that. They display a need to convince others of their beliefs or lack there of. They crave it like blood thirsty maniacs who have no class, no decency, and no manners. They refuse to debate without the use of slander, name-calling, and making absolute statements based off of common belief or common understanding of evolution without any actual evidence. Do the research. I've seen hard evidence of the existence of God and the historical evidence that supports the events found written in the Bible. But, I really need to look no further than my own bathroom mirror to see the evidence of intelligent design. The existence of every living thing is a miracle in itself.


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