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Game Winner! And her chosen topic.

We had a winner, yesterday! Congratulations to Jodi Felton for being the first and only person to comment on yesterday's Celeb Guessing Game and get all the celebrities' names correct. After a little confusion about how the game works she managed to pull herself together and take home the gold. And as the rules clearly state, she gets to pick the topic for my next blog and since I'm blogging right now I guess I should get on the subject she chose, "Why I Love My Wife".

In no particular order:

Because we share similar goals - I want to fix up our house. So does she. I like to entertain people. so does she. I wanted a family. So did she. (past tense on that is only because we have one now where before we were married we didn't, not because we no longer want a family). Etc.

Because we share similar interests - I like old style architecture and antiques. So does she. I like music. So does she. I like getting really cool photos. So does she. I like to relax by watching movies. So does she. Etc.

Because we share similar senses of humor - Our sense of humor, or sixth sense, if you will, is the most important of all the senses. What good is it to see life and find it dull? What good is it to hear life, but miss the amusement of it? Some people have a sense of humor that is too under-developed in order to keep up with a group and have fun. Jodi and I laugh a lot when we're together and I imagine that we'll live to be a hundred because of it.

The truth is that a reason for love can not be explained in words. All these things I've mentioned aren't why I love her. They're things that I like about her and they definitely have helped us to become the good friends that we are, but they aren't reasons for love. I'd love her if she didn't share my interests. I'd love her if we had different goals.

I could list some really romantic things. I love the way she walks and talks in the morning when she first wakes up: like a five-year-old that just got disappointed by some bad news. Or, how when she laughs really hard she accidentally snorts just a bit. But, these aren't reasons to love her either. I'd love her if she didn't do these things. The fact that I love these things is the result of me loving her, not the cause.

So, Jodi, I hope you enjoyed your chosen blog topic. The reasons I love my wife, are undetermined. They remain a mystery just as Love itself is mysterious. Anything that I could list would simply be debatable whether it is a cause for love or an effect of it.


Man I love you. You are such a cool husband. This is one reason for the "effect of love" that I feel for you. You're awesome. Another one. And you have me pegged. Good since we get along in spite of it. :)

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