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29 Celeb Guessing Game

Here is a short list of some celebrities who have turned or will turn 29 this year. These celebrities seem young to me and so by grouping myself in with them I feel a little younger myself. You should try this and see what celebrities are your age. It'll make you feel better about your age. Unless, of course, after searching your birth year your list is only 3 or 4 names long and they all starred on Golden Girls. Or worse, On Golden Pond. Come to think of it. Stay away from anything Golden.

Yesterday, I did promise a game. And I never let people down. Phh, ha ha. Yeah right. Well, I won't let you down this time. The first person to guess the names of all these celebrities and do so in a comment on this blog post will receive their name mentioned in an upcoming blog post, will have the honor of choosing my next blog topic, and depending on their proximity to me may even receive a cheesy gift from me even though it's my birthday. Good luck.


I WIN I WIN I WIN!!!!!! They're AAAALLLLLL 29!! Don't think you're the only one that knows how to google things. You tricky! Wikipedia is a great tool by the way. So what do I (we) win?? The we is me, Ging, and my client, Olivia. So what is it? What is it??

You don't win. The game is guessing their names not their ages. I gave you their ages, Goofy.

All right, here's a hint: Five of these are primarily movie stars and are known as such while the remaining four are music stars and are heard more than seen. Their music genres, in no particular order, are generally categorized as Rock, Pop, Dance, and Christian.

Okay, so it's come to my attention (by you) that I need to focus just a bit more while reading. So NOW I win cuz I DO know all of the 29 year olds simply because when I was "researching" their ages I had to come up with names to search, so here we go....

starting from top left of each row we have...

Daniel Bedingfield
Kate Hudson
Jaci Velazquez
Claire Danes
Chris Klein
Pink aka Alecia Beth Moore
Alison Lohman
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Chris Daughtry

I was actually gonna do a re~quiz for you on their ~actual~ names but Pink was the only one, and that was obvious, the rest are true to their identities. Good for them. :P And good for me cuz I WON!! Not because no one else played (COME ON PEOPLE!), but because I'm awesome. Thank you.

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