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Ancient Games

Two years ago, I wrote a blog about the game Scorched Earth. It was a game that I played in computer class in high school. It had occurred to me two years ago during a conversation about old games that I might be able to find that particular game somewhere on the internet. I didn't remember the name of the game, but after typing a description in the Google search box I did find the game. The game was available for free download as it turns out that the game is freeware. Anyway, I downloaded my game, played it, wrote a blog about it, quickly became bored with it, and filed it away in a folder deep within my windows folder archives.

That brings us to today. Or yesterday, actually, when I had a magical notion. It's sort of like a magical potion except that a magical notion is better because it comes first alphabetically. It dawned on me that there was a lot of games on that particular website, not just Scorched Earth. So, last night I ran the same search and WALAH! (is that how you spell that ridiculous sound?) There were plenty of ancient computer games just waiting for me to try,

You should definitely check out the site and try some free games. Because these games are DOS based games, you can even load them on to your flash drive and play them right off of it. I let Jacob play them and he loves them. It just shows that kids don't need fancy graphics to enjoy a game. And the ones I got are violence-free, unlike pretty much everything on the market these days.

For a link to the website click here. My favorite game so far is Rally Sport. I made it into a self-extracting file and uploaded it to my folder. You can download this file from there by clicking here. It's a really cool racing game that is reminiscent of RC Pro Am on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, but it's way better. The graphics are sort of lame, but the gameplay is surprisingly fluid. Definitely worth the download! It's only half a megabyte for the whole thing, so don't think there is a problem if it is done downloading after two seconds. After you let it self extract to a folder somewhere, double click the file that is named "Rally" and it will open the game. It doesn't tell you the controls so I'll list them below. Happy gaming!

A = Accelerate
Z = Brake / Reverse
< = Steer Left
> = Steer Right
Esc = Return to Menu / Exit Game if already at menu


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