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I followed a link to YouTube the other night watching another political video that someone put together and afterwards I searched a couple things just to see what I would get. I searched "Sebastian Bach" because I know more about the character he plays on Gilmore Girls than I know about the man himself. I have to admit that I didn't even know what band he hailed from (Skid Row, by the way). I found a video of him where a fan threw a bottle and hit him in the head. He then proceeded to leap off stage and send both feet careening down into the guy. It was pretty funny with a definite WOW affect. It reminded me of a story I heard about Henry Rollins. I'm not sure if it was at a Black Flag concert or Rollins Band concert, but reportedly he took it upon himself to fight a small group of skinheads when they were attacking a random long-haired fan at his concert. His involvement stirred the crowd to help and, needless to say, a mob wound up beating the skinheads nearly to death. Henry Rollins was charged with several crimes over the deal.

Henry Rollins actually has a very unique story. Which, I guess we all do. But, his is pretty interesting. He was just a fan of Black Flag (a southern California band out of L.A.) and working at a Haagen Dazs ice cream shop outside Washington D.C. when he started writing letters to the bassist telling them that they could stay at his house when they came to do a show in D.C. They eventually did come and Rollins went to every show that he could. At one show the singer let him get on stage and sing the song. Weeks later, the singer switched to playing guitar and they asked Rollins if he wanted to join the band and be the singer. He doubted their seriousness but did accept after being talked into it from the members of the band. Since then, he gained fame in Black Flag, started his own band, wrote several books, started a publishing company, hosted several TV shows, played roles in several movies, and even was interviewed by Unsolved Mysteries surrounding the death of his best friend and roommate who was shot and killed right in front of him.

I always liked Henry Rollins because of his outspokenness. His lyrics badmouthed those who would use guns for violence, lie, cheat, steal, etc. He was and still is to this day quite in your face about so many issues.

Well, I searched him on YouTube and as a result I have lost all respect for the guy. He has many rantings and ravings on various subjects on there. How various can they be, you ask? He talks out against our President. This seems legit to me and for good reason, right? He also talks out against Carrot Top and his look. He talks out against rave music. I was already losing respect for him when seeing these ridiculous topics and his passion for discrediting them. He used the same passion against President Bush than with Carrot Top's hair, for crying out loud.

I started seeing him as the "in-your-face" fake. He makes strong messages against everything, but brings nothing remotely close to a solution to the table. He's been quoted saying "It's the ones that don't do anything that will try to bring you down" according to Sounds quite familiar. What has he given to society? Art? If you call it that.

The last straw was a 3-minute video where he is angrily telling the world through the internet how Christians are "awful people" who have "oppressively shackled" the world by teaching Creationism which is "fear-based nonsense". He puts Christian beliefs side by side to "extraterrestrials, or anything else you can find in the science fiction section". He then goes on to say that the theory of Intelligent Design is "not really a theory at all" but just "a bunch of over-fancified sentiments". He praises science and everything that it has supposedly proven and says that Intelligent Design is "intellectually lazy and cannot be tested or challenged." He also openly claims that "Christian Fundamentalist Psychopaths" use the tools of "willful ignorance, intimidation, and the suppression of information."

What a joke. Where did he get his education? Haagen Dazs? Besides, no one uses intimidation like Henry Rollins. It's what he's known for. And, to use obviously weak debate tactics like name-calling, labeling, and non-backed absolute statements just reflects the lack of truth in his argument. If those of us like me or Henry Rollins who have no formal education feel the need to make outright statements arguing the "truth" behind a lie, then we need to do a little more research than just taking the conversation out of a circle of potheads and turning it into our opinion on life. So, I'll make no defense for Intelligent Design, as I feel this weak attack doesn't require one, but rather I'll put up two links. Please check them both out. One is of Henry Rollins proclaiming his hard-earned knowledge on the subject and the other is of Ben Stein and his upcoming documentary that makes the exact opposite statement as Henry Rollins' does. Who do you believe? Henry Rollins or Ben Stein?


As a one-time Rollins fan myself, its disappointing to read about his anti-Christian rants but not surprising. It made me think of the Black Flag tune 'My War'. In it Henry screams "My War! - you're one of them - you say you're my friend but you're one of them". At the time I listened wasn't trying to find meaning in the lyrics, but I always believed this song to be about the stupidity of prejudice. So - if the prejudice happens to be against Christians it's a sort of courageous rebellion or some crap like that? What a phony!

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