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Famous Names

Today, I was checking out some of the headlines on today's News-Leader Online. Two of the stories that I read contained people whose names brought to mind other famous characters. You might need to click on the photos so that it makes them full size for you to be able to read them.

The first story was about three separate people who are all being charged with arson from non-related fires. According to Springfield's Fire Department, the number of cases of arson in Springfield is on the rise. But, it's a good thing that we have able-bodied people running these investigations such as our very own Fire Marshall Bill.

The second story isn't funny either, as it is about a 30-year-old Battlefield resident who was going to be pulled over yesterday morning at 2:30 am for riding a motorcycle that failed to display a license plate. Instead of pulling over he sped away. It claims that the officer didn't chase him, but the man died anyway when he sped through a red light and crashed after becoming airborne. Later, the News-Leader released the newest investigative information that said the daredevil was traveling at over 100 miles an hour at the time of the accident. Initially, Springfield Police were baffled why the man decided to attempt to flee on what would've been a misdemeanor charge. However, the newest news release included the fact that the motorcycle had been reported stolen earlier this month. So, Curt Russell was most likely knowingly riding a stolen bike and took off to his own unfortunate demise. Like I said, it's not funny, but I have to include it in the blog since his name bears such an obvious resemblance to the famous actor Kurt Russell.

So, this brings me to my question for you blog readers. Have you ever met someone that had the same name as someone famous or maybe just someone whose name was close to someone famous? If so, please comment with the name(s). I'd like to see how big of a list we can make. My list, off the top of my head, is James Dean (or Jimmie Dean which is equally as famous), Mike Myers, Jack Daniels, and Tina Turner. What are yours?


In school there was a Jim Beam (what's up with all the liquor? Is it cool to name your sons after liquor??), a John Holmes (porn star, nice I know), then there's our sister in law, Bobbi Brooks. I may think of more.

I went to High School with Michael Jackson and Howard Johnson. Amber went to school with Jack Daniel.

My mom gave me two that she works with, Jimmy Carter and Laura Engel. Plus, I thought of three more. Michael (Magic's real name) Johnson (classmate), Michael Jackson(wrestling coach/Chemistry teacher), and I met a friend of a friend named Aero Smith. No lie.

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