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Makin' Headlines

I made the front page! Sort of. Jodi and Lyric made the front page! Today's News-Leader has this photo on the front page as an enticement to check out the online galleries of photos. When I got the emailed request to use the photo, the editor was hoping that I would call her that day, but I failed to check my e-mail until the following day. I called her and gave her permission to use it, but she sounded like she didn't know if it would be used or not. I had no idea that they'd slap it on the front.

When I was a junior in high school I made the front page of The Headliner, the newspaper for Christian County. I thought that was pretty cool. I had been named many times in it and pictured twice for soccer and tennis. The only times that I've been in the News-Leader was when I was playing guitar and singing at Riad. It listed my "performances" in the Local Music section. I still have clippings from any time I was in a paper. Part of what I like about it so much is that all the stories are preserved at the library in the local history section. I love this city and its history has always interested me, so to know that I have become a part of that history is exciting for me even if it is just an obscure name mention. Afterall, they have it so that you can look up a persons name and it will tell you all the pages that the name appeared. So, even when I'm dead and gone, my great-grandchildren will be able to look me up and find these little snippets.


thats pretty cool man you should ask for some money. just kidding

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