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Senior Photos

I'm kind of nervous and excited all at the same time. I have my very first senior photo session booked for this Saturday. I've done one photo session of a friend from church that was sort of like senior photos, but there wasn't any pressure since it was done pro-bono and like I said, we are friends. So, what's the worst that could happen? The photos turned out really nice and I really enjoyed the one on one photo session. It was a nice alternative to the high-pressure wedding and child photography norm. Taking pictures of kids can be a lot of fun, but can prove difficult. Kids rarely stop moving. And just try to get that shy child who has no idea who you are to crack a smile.

Weddings have their own pressures. From the moment you arrive at the location, you're on a time limit. You want to be everywhere to capture it all, but you have to lay out a timed strategy to get all you can. The people have hired you to give them the photos that they've seen on websites from all over the country and they expect nothing less than the equivalent. In the days of film photography, weddings almost always had the traditional poses in the same positions in the same spot that the photography had already light-tested. It was rare to find a photographer that could do anything more. Now, with the rise of digital photography, your average wedding photographer will give you stunning masterpieces that professional photographers of twenty years ago would water at the mouth over. So, since it's so easy to get the traditional shots, there are photographers on every corner that will shoot a wedding for practically nothing. But, who wants traditional photos now? Hardly anyone. Now, everyone wants the magical looking magazine shot. I can't blame them. I want them, too.

So, I've heard many people say over the last couple of years that photography is easy now with the advent of digital cameras. But, it's just not true. It's relatively easy to get photos that turn out at the right exposure, which was a difficult thing to pull off with film. But, the expectations for the quality and artistic vision of the photos have raised considerably.

So, wish me luck for Saturday. I'm sure it'll turn out fine, but I'm still fighting the urge to drive all over town to look for new locations.


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