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One-Liner Lyrics

Movies are widely quoted in conversations throughout America. It's hard to get away from someone's imitated Arnold's voice saying, "I'll be back" when they leave the room or someone hollering "Run, Forest, Run!" at a baseball game. Movies are quoted all the time. Those little one-liners are hard to resist. Even if all you're doing is making fun of the movie character you still find yourself repeating their words.

Well, today while I was working, I was listening to some music and a line grabbed me. I've heard the line time and time again, but it never gets old. Everyone has at least one in a song somewhere. Those lyrics that are clever or funny or deep, etc. Well, here is a list of some of my favorite lyrics in songs. I can't help but remember them. See if you can figure out what artists and what songs they're from. Then comment with your guesses and your own favorites.

1 - "No time frame for what I need to do today"

2 - "That used to be a library, line up to the mind cemetery now"

3 - "Tell 'em that the house is not for sale. We're still living here. How come nobody can tell?"

4 - "Little gray men are coming our way, taste just like chicken, they say"

5 - "Do you hear Del Shannon's 'Runaway' playing on transistor radio waves"

6 - "Sleeping on the sidewalk with a Burger King crown"

7 - "With fingernails that shine like justice and a voice that is dark like tinted glass"

8 - "Like a game show contestant with a parting gift, I cannot believe my eyes"


So I just typed a silly comment and then it deleted it and I don't really feel like trying to remember exactly what I said to sound as cute and witty as I just did so I will just write this instead and mosey in to the living where you are sitting and tell you my comment live in person. :]

blues traveler is the last one thats about all i can get

1 - Blind Melon "Sleepyhouse"
2 - Rage Against the Machine "Bulls on Parade
3 - Ryan Adams "This House Is Not For Sale"
4 - Clutch "Animal Farm"
5 - Barenaked Ladies "When You Dream"
6 - Beck "Que Onda Guero"
7 - Cake "Short Skirt, Long Jacket"
8 - Blues Traveler "Run Around"

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