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Pet Peeved

I've now been driving Jacob to school every morning since the beginning of the year and I've recognized a pattern. Almost every morning I silently deal with my frustration and refuse to act upon it. But, the tension builds. Luckily, I'm strong enough of a person not to let this tension cause me any problems. As a matter of fact, writing a blog about it helps.

You may be wondering what the source of my tension is. And, if you aren't then you must be extremely patient. But here it is. About one-third of the parents that drop off their kids at school at Weaver Elementary must think that they are better than the other two-thirds. As you can see from my funny little cartoon associated with this blog, what happens is that two-thirds of the parents pull over to the side of the road to let their kids out of the car. Since there is always a line of cars parked on the other side of the street it only allows for one vehicle to get through once this takes place. However, more mornings than not, these polite and considerate parents get blocked in by the impolite, inconsiderate parents that pull right up the middle of the road and stop to let their kid(s) out halting all traffic in both directions.

Now, the amount of wait time isn't usually too substantial once this act of indecency takes place. But, the act alone is not cool. Why do they think that it is appropriate for them to do this? It is painfully obvious that people need through and you know that they have to notice the piling up traffic that is staring at them and them alone waiting for the world to start rotating again. Nevertheless, it happens time and time and time again.

Maybe I'm over-reacting. Maybe I should do something to teach these inconsiderate drivers a lesson. Maybe I should bring a book and enjoy the time that they allow me to catch up on my reading. Maybe, I should print off some copies of this blog and hand them out to the drivers who do this? I like that idea. What do you think? What should I do? Or not do?


hmmmm.... My reflexes say to yell and scream at them with a really dirty look on my face. And handing out this very blog sounds very satisfying, and probably helpful, as well, conscience says to grin and bare it. DANG IT THAT CONSCIENCE! I do however agree completely. They have to know that everyone needs to get to work, etc. just like them. Is the handing out the blog thing wrong??

Follow them home with Jacob still in the car right before they pull into there driveway you wip in front of them slamming on your breaks blocking there way into there own driveway you let Jacob out, letting him walk around the car only to just get right back in the car. You do this everyday for 10 years or until they get the point and also you must do this to every single parent that blocks the rest of you at Jacobs school.

Good comments. With today's gas prices, I think that Dustin's solution would require me to win the lottery. In which case, I would most likely move to the outskirts of town. Jacob would no longer go to Weaver and my problem is solved. Honestly, I'll probably grin and bare it, because anything else would snowball into me doing something I shouldn't.

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