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Movie Review: Margot at the Wedding

Do not rent this movie. Do not download it. Do not purchase the DVD or the VHS. It was terrible. I've seen some bad movies in my day, but this one takes the cake. It was a horrible attempt at entertainment.

Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Jack Black team up to prove that they are have no ability to read a screenplay. Or they are in on a little secret that the rest of us don't know about. Maybe they're committing group career suicide and this is their form of self-affliction. It's really impossible to know.

I wanted to make sure and let eveyone that this movie blows. The only reason I decided to watch it was bacuase I thought that Jodi would like it since it was listed in the Comedy section. She didn't like it. And it wasn't funny. It didn't really even try to be funny. Funny and this movie don't even know each other.

So, this weekend if you are out to kill some time do it with a better movie than this one.


I saw it and loved it, brilliant movie. This is whata dysfunctional movie should be like, not the quirky, ridiculous ones we usually get. Real, honest and brutal. Fantastic!

I really love folks posting their opinion. Thank you, Anonymous. However, I saw nothing honest or real about a main character walking through the woods and coming across a house that just screams look in my windows. And when the character indulges on this invite they proceed to see a weird family gutting a dog. And then upon being seen peeking in the widows, no one comes out to ask any questions. And the entire scene is never once mentioned later in the movie. I understand quirky and I understand brutal, but I don't understand a movie that goes nowhere and makes you feel bad for being human like the characters portrayed. It makes guys look bad. It makes women look bad. It makes relationships including but not limited to sisters, fiancees, mother-son especially disturbing, and friends look terrible. Not all relationships are hashed together by a hateful fate. Most have purpose and meaning.

You desperately need a book club or a movie club to go to and hash out these feelings you have. Just kidding but really you should go.


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