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Human Interest Story

Last October one of my fellow employees here at SRC Heavy Duty Division passed away. His name was Ricky Alan Fender, known as Rick to his coworkers. I never really talked to Rick more than the usual, "where do you want this pallet?" and "are these ready to go?" back in my fork truck driving days which was eight years ago. But, like all my coworkers, I saw him everyday all over the plant. Still, I can't say that I knew him well or anything.

Earlier this week was Rick's birthday (4/22). In the morning production meeting with all the department heads and team leaders, Tom Harms brought to attention what he called a human interest story of sorts. According to Tom, every year on Rick's birthday Rick's sister would send him a box of cookies. This year, the first birthday since Rick's passing, a box of cookies arrived here at SRC. They were from Rick's sister addressed to the Crankshaft Department in which Rick worked for so many years.

It's difficult when a coworker dies. We work in an industry and a great company that tends to have long-term employees. I have very few friends that I have known as long as most of my coworkers. These are people that I have spent over forty hours a week with for eight and a half years. It's especially hard, because the job still needs to be done. So, while the company does do all it can to honor those that leave us in this manner, we have to get back to work and continue on. I wasn't around to witness the delivery of this box of cookies, but knowing the caliber of people in this company and more specifically this department, I can say that this box of cookies most likely brought as much sorrow as it did joy. It's good to remember those gone. And, though this story seems to be contained within the crankshaft department, everyone was touched by the gesture.

Happy Birthday, Rick.


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