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Still Pounding Away At It

I'm not sure what to call this project. I've had a name for every other project in the house, but this one alludes me. Should it be the "outdoor closet" project? "New basement door" project? I'm just not sure. In an earlier post I was referring to it as a small addition, but that sort of denotes living space in my mind. And, I don't intend on anyone living out here. Any suggestions on a name?

Regardless of what we decide to call it, I made some pretty decent progress on it over the weekend. The backbreaking part was the concrete, but it got done. I finished pouring a new top step to the staircase, one that isn't a fatal trip hazard. And, I managed to dig out and pour about a 3 1/2" thick slab inside the closet. I'm so glad that it's over. When it was all said and done, I had mixed 960 lbs. of concrete. This was the part of the project that I looked forward to the least. However, with my newly gained experience pouring concrete in Haiti back in March, I was able to confidently get to work on it and see it through.

In the next couple of evenings, I hope to be able to devote a little more time to it. My next steps are:

  • Relocate the dirt pile
  • Grade the ground down and away for better water runoff
  • Connect the wiring into the breaker box
  • Cover all the outside walls with tar paper
  • Hang all the metal lathe
  • Stain the rafter tails
  • Apply the stucco
  • Finish the stucco on the garden wall
  • Build the doors
  • Hang the doors
  • Paint all the stucco the desired color
I don't have a time frame for all these steps, but it would sure be cool if I could get it all accomplished while my motivation is in full force.


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