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I got to looking at my categories list on my blog and realized that maybe it says a little bit about me. So, let's read into it, shall we?

  • I like to write about myself more than anything. Apparently, I strike myself as the most interesting thing I know.
  • I'm slightly more useful around the house than I am in making people laugh, yet both score pretty high.
  • I can't decide what I love more, my family or food. However, this does show when the scores are added together, that I'm probably happiest when eating with my family.
  • I love a good debate. Evidently, even if I'm arguing a lie, because truth didn't get as high a ranking.
  • Opinion and politics ranked the same. I imagine that this is because every post I categorized as 'politics' I also categorized as 'opinion'. After all, I can't talk about politics and remain unbiased. I'm going to tell you my opinion and I'm probably not going to leave you alone until your opinion becomes in line with mine. Just kidding. Not really. ;)
  • History and controversy are both interesting to me. The controversy sort of falls into the debate category, but it's somewhat different. People can debate about anything, but controversy really only happens on the big issues where people clearly create at least two sides. Adding history to the mix, you get things like the JFK assassination, 9/11, Vietnam. These make for some pretty interesting table talk.
  • Friends, photography, and technology all tied. That only makes sense since I like taking digital photos of my friends, right?
  • I'm ashamed that God ranks way down here. In my defense, I could claim that God is really tied into all these categories when they are all boiled down, but who needs a defense?
  • The rest are just a few hit and miss categories that don't deserve mentioning. They got their 15 minutes of fame when I wrote on those topics, but now they just sit there with no other purpose than to just fill up the fine print near the bottom of the categories box.
So, what about you? What (if you actually wrote about your life) would be your categories of choice?


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