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More Progress

I failed to get any photos before it got dark outside, but that's okay because it wouldn't be much of a dramatic photo anyway. So, I used a photo from Monday evening and dramatized it up with some funky arrows.

Last night, I accomplished quite a bit for having been at work all day. I started with taking a sledge hammer to the trip hazard at the top of the stairs. This trip hazard served to keep the water out, but also begged to send someone to the bottom of the stairs much faster than they intended. So, it had to go. Besides, the concrete there is already sloped away from the house so it's unnecessary.

I also cut out the now unnecessary overhead hazard at the bottom of the stairs. This served as a plate and support for the previous 45-degree basement door, but now it serves no purpose apart from forcing everyone to bow before entering the basement. I shall not bow before it. So, I cut it out.

I also got up two of the walls. Yay. And braced the framing in preparation for the double doors to go in on the closet side. Then, (spoken with an ominous voice) as darkness fell over the land, I picked up all the scraps and garbage and got them all in the dumpster just in time for trash day.

My next step will be to concrete a flat step in place of the trip hazard that I just busted out. As soon as this is done, I can finish the framing for the round-top basement door and wall in the front of the addition. Then, with the walls all up and in place I can stucco it.

And, somewhere in there (maybe while I'm waiting for concrete to dry) I can wire up the lights and my new outdoor electric receptacle. I'm excited about that. My house doesn't have any outdoor electricity. So, every time I'm doing a project like this I have to run an extension cord into the house. So, inconvenient! So, this will be great for future projects since I'm only beginning on the greater backyard deck and landscaping project.


I am very impressed w/ your mad construction skills - it's looking great so far! How did you learn to do all of this stuff? We'd love to venture into actual home remodeling, but neither of us have a clue.

Thanks! I can't point my finger in any one direction when it comes to where I learned home remodeling. I learned how to roof from my friend, Steven Anderson, who helped me re-roof my utility room. I learned framing from books, mostly. I learned wiring from my electrician friend, RJ Flores, who helped me wire up my bathroom. I'm still learning how to properly stucco, but what I know came from trial & error and watching YouTube videos. The rest is either common sense or my love of math. :)

What I've learned summed up: Get an idea to do something, research it on the Internet, talk to anyone who knows how, ask for help from them to get you started, just do it and don't be afraid. The work may be labor intensive but it's fun and very rewarding.

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