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Jacob's Birthday

Jacob's getting seriously old. He turns eight today. That's halfway to getting a driver's license! He's pretty excited about the birthday thing and very excited to be eight. You remember how it was as a kid. Once you hit eight, seven seems so childish and young. Kids who are still seven, all of a sudden are no longer your peer group, but instead "those little kids."
I'm excited for him, but I'm feeling a little old myself now. He drags me right along with him, despite his bad math. This morning, as I dropped him off at school, he said, "Now, you're only nineteen years older than me." I replied, "No, actually I'll always be twenty and a half years older than you." He came back with, "but you're twenty-seven." I'm hoping that if he goes on believing that I am twenty-seven, then I'll somehow magically stay that age with the power of his faith. What do you think? Possible?


You are old man you are not in my peer group anymore my kids are still under the age of 5 so ha ha.

Dustin Mammen

I feel I old I'm 30 and pregnant with my first and by the time our peanut is born I'll be 31. So lets not talk about being old. :)

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