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I love having a hot wife. It's great. To all the single guys out there, I have a suggestion: Don't settle for the "kinda cute" ones. Hold out for the hottie. You won't be disappointed.

Of course, you also want one that is cool. One that won't just let you do the things you like to do, but thinks the things you like to do are cool. One that is witty and loves to have a good time all the time. One that is agreeable and cooperates with decision making. And, of course, one that, for whatever reason, finds you attractive as well.

But, let's face it, gentlemen. Go for the looker first. You can find out all the rest of that other stuff later.

*Cover photo taken in the VIP room at Peabody's on Historic Commercial Street in Springfield, MO.


You're definitely DO have a hot wife. I kinda like her...she's a keeper.

ooohhhh la la! Cute blog! Hope you are all doing stupendous!!! :)


I really can't believe that you put this picture up. In my defense people, I don't care for this picture, so please look beyond me to the background, that's the cool part.

OH YAH... Thanks for the compliment though! :} You're pretty hot yourself.

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