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I'm broke. Happy, but broke. My wife and I decided that while I was on vacation we would convert our mudroom and our random useless hallway into a salon, short transition hallway, bathroom, and walk-in closet. The original plan was that I would get my week off and we would just power through and get it done. However, we lucked out when the project that I was working on at work abruptly came to a cease and desist when the labor union in Chicago finally came to an agreement with the company that we were doing work for. The company decided that they no longer were in need of our assistance and we were to cease operations after the last of our build schedule. So, since I was about to change jobs within the company that I work for I thought, "time for some negotiations." I made a call and requested that I be able to take two weeks off instead of just the one and it got approved. The best part was that because of the holidays I was off work for 16 days and I only had to use one vacation day for this year. I won't go into the math on that one, but it couldn't have been a better blessing.

Even with the 16 days off, the project is still in the works. We can pretty much say that we're done, but there are a still a few things that we are waiting on. For example, the faucet that we ordered off of Ebay for the bathroom's pedastal sink just shipped yesterday morning due to the company's holiday schedule and since it is shipping out of Canada we won't get it until Tuesday. So, the best case scenario is that it will be done Tuesday evening.

It was a fun project and Jodi and I couldn't have done it without the help of Mike Imes. Mike was probably over at our house working right alongside us for about 60 hours during the two weeks. Also, I only knew how to run electric. But, Mike knew how to hook it all up and get it into the breaker box. So, once again, thank you, Mike.

Here is a little slideshow with some of the pictures.


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