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Johnny Eddies

Great news!

On Monday, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards came to Springfield to campaign and speak to voters. It made our local news, of course, and Jodi and I both watched with disgust as Edward's supporters were interviewed with obvious ignorance of political policy. These people said things like, "I just like him", and "I agree with what he says about health care", and my favorite,"he seems like he'd make a good president." His supporters are more vague about why they support him, than he is vague about how his proposed policies will help America.

But, I was highly pleased and tickled this morning when I ran across an article that informed me that John Edwards has announced today that he is stepping down from the presidential race. Of course, I saw it coming, but my smile was no less wide than it would have been if it came as a complete surprise. I can only assume that Springfield effectively did their part in helping to convince John that he won't win. Great job, Springfield!

Although, the article did bring me some good news, it also offended me. So, I wrote a comment. Check it out by clicking here. It's at the bottom of the page just after the article I didn't like.


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