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Rise To The Top

I love a good competition. Especially, when there are prizes to win, and personal goals to reach. Today is the start of the "Spring Into Action" Wellness Competition at my work. There will be a jackpot of cash given to first, second, and third places that comes from $500 from the company and $20 from each employee participating. There will also be a drawing for a Plasma TV, Insurance Reimbursement up to $550, Gas cards, Wal-Mart Gift Cards, exercise materials, iPod Nano, YMCA membership, and more.

I normally don't participate in things like this, but Jodi and I recently set personal goals to be in shape by summer and we're both dedicated to it. So, I thought I might as well join in this competition and maybe I'll get something out of it on top of the benefits of feeling and looking better.

Jodi and I are each other's accountability, however I am going to add to my accountability and report to my blog how I am doing. So, you can leave comments like, "Get out there and run, fatty!" and "One more donut and you're officially a police officer!"

Say what you will, but just like the photo above, I will rise to the top! Much like the fat does.


competition is always the key

Coming from the once fat....
Good for you.How will you do it with what a wonderful cook Jodi is? I look forward to hearing about your sucess .

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