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It's a wrap!

Jodi and I were talking a while back and she told me how she has a tendency to not finish projects that she begins. She then voiced some theories about why she may form this pattern. I thought it was pretty interesting. Not just that she does this but also because while I've never picked up on it I do it, too.

I know exactly why I do it. I will begin a project fixing something or fixing something up and I'll stop once functionality is achieved. Nevermind the fact that it still looks half done. If I can use it or if it works in its current state then I'll leave it to work on something else. Of course, I do always intend to perform the task all the way through to the last step. But, intentions don't ever get anything done around my house, just started.

The reason I write this is because even though I would love to begin building the deck that I spent a week planning out I decided not to. The major reason for holding off on this project is because it will take all the project money we have and I'm afraid that at the end of the deck project we'll have a great deck and a lot of unfinished things that taunt us until we can scrape up the money to take care of them one at a time. I would like to be able to give a tour of our house without beginning every introduction to every room with a disclaimer asking the touree to look beyond the missing last piece.

Today, I have a list that I'll pick up at Lowe's that will allow us to complete 4 of our "almost done" rooms. I'm excited!


Yea I do that to but mine is pretty much I start things I have no idea how to do and then when it gets to the point that I cant finish it I quit.

What 4 things for what 4 projects?? The light in the bathroom, primer, poly, aaaaannnnddd....

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