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A Plate Is Not Always A Dish

Friday's the big day. It's the day that my local and state Uncle Sam's get to collect from old Levi. Yup, that's right. It's time to renew some license plate tags. Of course, it's always a little more complicated for me, because I have a tendency to let things slide when it comes to government regulations. It's not that I'm a procrastinator, it's just that I so utterly despise these ridiculous taxes that must be paid in order to enjoy my freedoms.

What I'm talking about is the freedom to drive my vehicle down streets that my taxes pay for. Pretty much one hundred percent of my earned income gets spent locally which means that my local government is collecting roughly $2,100 per year from me just on the amount of sales tax that is charged to me on the purchases that I make. Wouldn't you think that this is enough money to be sucked out of me? Well, the State doesn't think so. Not only do they want me to pay for the roads (and have no say in which ones get fixed) but they also want me to pay outrageous amounts for a license plate and a little sticker every year. I know that sticker doesn't cost $27.50 to make, so why am I being charged that? Why do I have to have plates anyway? Seriously, why? I mean, I know cops use them to identify a vehicle's owner, but other than that why do we have to pay the troll at the DMV a toll to drive on our own streets?

So, because of these requirements, I must do the following on friday:

Acquire a new insurance carrier (since mine has expired this last month)
Have my truck inspected at a shop (they can't take my word for it)
Pay my 2006 property taxes that I haven't paid yet (procrastination here)
And then stand in the DMV line that we're all so fond of to get outrageously priced license plate stickers

I'm gonna need a frappuccino for all this I am sure. Maybe two. Wish me luck.


I'll get 'em ready for ya. What flavor would you like??

I hear ya preacher preach on. You no the only good way to get them back is take it out on the lady at the counter. It may not be her doing it but it will sure make you feel alot better. haha

P.S Good Luck

oh the dreaded DMV

I had an old car I got inspected and it failed bc/ i needed new brakes or something so I fix it and take it to that shop in Ozark ( I can't think of the name for some reason) and they look at my paperwork and it was a year that I didn't even need a inspection those other yahoos didn't bother looking at my paperwork. OK I should have realized it but whatever. ARGH!

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