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I was thinking this morning about some of my favorite things and I thought that I'd share what they were with you. I definitely needed something to write about. I guess the heat has sucked the will to write right out of me, because it's almost been a month since I wrote anything at all.

Anyway, my favorite cereal just changed this morning. Until this morning I would've answered "Cracklin' Oat Bran" to the question of what my favorite cereal is. However, I bought a single serving package of Raisin Bran Crunch about an hour ago and it has changed me forever. It's sweet. It's crunchy. It's chewy. And, although, I added no milk to it I did receive the impression that it could go a week floating in milk before being suitable For the Soggy Bottom Boys.

My favorite music has teetered back and forth between two artists for quite some time. They are Ryan Adams and Elliott Smith. It does sort of bother me that my friend Shawn introduced me to both of them. I do so like finding great music on my own. One was an intentional introduction and the other an accidental one. He added a couple Ryan Adams songs to a compilation CD he sent me from Washington. After buying one of his CDs I was hooked. The accidental introduction took place when he left his Elliott Smith CD along with a pair of shoes and a shirt over at my house when he was in town for a week about 5 years ago. I listened to the CD for about a week before I mailed it all back to him. After another week I went searching for the CD and before long it had taken its place among the ranks of my "Must-Have-Albums."

Ryan Adams takes first place between the two out of default. Elliott Smith died and unlike Tupac Shakur no more music is being released by him posthumously. Ryan Adams, on the other hand, just came out with a new album. I like it, but it hasn't grown on me completely yet. I shouldn't say that he wins by default. I think he would've won anyway. Much of Ryan Adams' music just gives me a great feeling. You know the feeling when everything in your life is right, your feeling healthy, your bills are paid, you're driving to somewhere fun on a cool summer morning with the windows down. You're not hot; you're not cold. You're with the people that you enjoy being around the most. They're feeling great. Everyone's laughing and making jokes. His music reminds me and gives me the reminiscing feeling of times just like this.

Now, I can't wait until the next day that Jodi, the kids, and I get to eat breakfast (Raisin Bran Crunch), make coffee, drive to a flea market while listening to Ryan Adams on a cool summer morning with the windows down, and of course, leave the flea market only to go eat Chinese for lunch. That sounds fun.


I think maybe you have a little chinese in your blood. haha

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