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I Vinyl-ly Got One!

Last week Jodi ran across an advertisement online from someone giving away an old console radio. I called about it, found out that it was still available, got directions, and picked it up. It turned out to be really nice as far as console radios go. It's cabinet is made of nice wood that we are suspecting is mahogany. Everything works on it including the record player. That is why I wanted it. I acquired these old records for an ex-neighbor years ago, and never got around to getting a record player for them. I know that sounds a little backwards, but I always thought that I'd have no trouble picking up a record player for cheap or free from all the people that don't want them anymore. Well, I found out that everyone who doesn't want them anymore got rid of them years ago. Now, it's a little difficult to get a hold of one without spending enough to be able to buy an mp3 player.

So, we got it home and plugged it up and broke out the records and spent an evening with Blondie, Men at Work, Pink Floyd. Eric Clapton, and the Eagles playing in the background. I even put on ABBA for a few seconds just for laughs. Hey. I just noticed something. You put a "in" a CD. You put "on" a record. Hmm.

Anyway, listening to digitally recorded music is great. The sound is clear and clean and perfect. On the other hand, when listening to Jim Croce melodically play his guitar while telling a story in song I find that it just seems right to have the background clicks and pops of a needle finding the imperfections of a pressed vinyl album. The sound matches the date in which the music was made, and that's what gives it the authenticity that leaves me feeling all nostalgic.

It was a great addition to the house and the best part about it was that it was free. The only thing better than a dumpster-dive find is a pre-dumpster-bound catch.


I wouldnt mind listening to some Eagles on an old record.

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My parents have stacks and stacks of records....the beatles, the doors, clapton, taj majal. We grew up listening to those records.

My sister found her record player in someones front yard with a sign that said free. It was in perfect shape in a console probably similar to the one you got.

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