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Dream Car

I was browsing the internet last night looking around at old cars and I asked myself "If I could have any car what one would I pick?". Well, the general response to this question is the most expensive car that one can think of. Then, they say, "I would sell it and get...". I gave the question a twist and added the following clause: You can't ever sell it, trade it, or otherwise dispose of it. This new clause made me put a lot of thought into my final answer.

For many years my favorite automobile of all time has been the 1936 Packard V12 Boattail Speedster. It has class that modern automobiles will never know. Today, if you purchase a top-of-the-line car, you get a bunch of plastic and a steel body that is so thin that it dents if you spit on it. The old Packards had the most plush materials found on the market at the time. It had trim made of the finest hardwoods that were sanded and stained to perfection. It had a frame that was sturdier than most modern work trucks and body panels that were practically bullet proof.

Some people don't like this car at first glance, but imagine yourself driving one and your opinion may start to change. Despite my love for this classic, my answer to my own question was not yet answered. As much as I would love to have one, the fact that it is only a two-seater brought me to the conclusion that this wouldn't be for me.

I'm a family man and I like my family, so therefore I would be in need of more space. After careful consideration and a very detailed thought process I came to find my answer: a 1959 Ford Thunderbird. Some call it the "Square-bird" because it was during Ford's brief square cab design on the Thunderbird. I love it, though.
It's a muscle car with tons of accentuated lines of flair. I could easily see myself driving around town with the whole family enjoying it's awesome interior. And if any young punk in his "Fast and Furious" style piece of crap decided to scoff, I would hammer down the accelerator and let the 460 under the hood blow his doors off, just temporarily risking the lives of the Felton clan for the sake of proving the worth of a carbureated vehicle.

So, I ask you. What would your vehicle be if you could have anything ever made? But, keep in mind that whatever you choose you would be stuck with for life.


That's easy....a 1970 GTO Judge Convertible. They only made the Judge's in 1969-1971 and I actually won a bet with a guy over that question. Anyway, they only made 168 of these cars and I've always thought I'd look prety dang cool in one. A side not the 1970 GTO Judge was the first car that you saw in the movie Dazed and Confused.

Excellent choice! Muscle car but very rare. I like that. You see too many of the Chevelles and Camaros and such and I just get tired of them. This rarity gets my approval.

It is a jeep willys2 concept car. I dont think you can even buy one yet, or if you will ever be able to. I saw it a few years ago in a future car magazine of some sort. You have to go to this site to see it. Its not an antique but it will do in a pinch.

SWEET Dustin! I'll take one too! But my all time favorite, hmmm... Well I would love to have my '65 El Camino back, come on people, it's a car AND a truck! But the space is again an issue, I don't think you're supposed to put a car seat in the bed. :) So hmmm... I'll really have to get back to you.

I have fond memories of my dads El Camino. I remember when he tried to get me to buy a Ranchero which is very similar.

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I'm stickin' with the El Camino. They aren't babies forever right?

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