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My reply to St. Petersburg Times article

I wrote the author of this article an e-mail and the following is the e-mail that I sent him:

You may not even remember this article since it dates back to 2003. However, I thought that since you generously spread your opinion and apparently continue to do so as the article can still be found hanging out on your employer's servers, that I would reply to you with my own opinion.

First, I enjoyed your opinionated writing style. I always enjoy reading a piece that playfully takes pot-shots at the intended target. However, I happen to be one of those intended targets. Naturally, this article isn’t wrong as it is entirely opinion. On the other hand, it clearly demonstrates the backwards thoughtless thinking of Americans today. The problem is that so many Americans today are conditioned to believe that they owe federal income taxes. And as you said, you just sign the dotted line. By signing that dotted line you agree that “under penalty of perjury” you owe taxes even though I’m willing to bet that you have never read through Article 26 of the congressional statues. If you were capable of letting go of all your pre-conceived “knowledge” and just read through Article 26 along with the corresponding regulations and, of course, the Constitution that gives Congress the power to even write the statutes in the first place, then I’m sure that you could find out the truth.

However, like the majority of Americans, you will most likely dismiss what I am saying to you since it does not agree with what you have always believed. In all probability, your pride will cause you to either refuse to research it yourself or will jump on the first finding that agrees with what you have always thought to be the truth. In doing this, you will feel good knowing that I haven’t a clue what I speak of and that your superior knowledge of the subject has won you another victory in which you can bask in all your wondrous glory.

Unfortunately, for you and all Americans, this scenario will reluctantly leave you to continue believing “common knowledge” over actual research. I could fully write out the explanation as to how it is interpreted that most Americans don’t owe any federal income tax, but it is not an easy road. Congress has made sure of the difficulty of finding the truth over the years. So, rather than lose you with the long drawn out evidence, I will instead leave you with a simple question and a link to a video that will lay out all the evidence in front of you so that you can come up with your own informed and educated opinion as opposed to your previous uninformed, uneducated one.

The link is . The question is “If it is not unconstitutional (allowed by the Constitution) for Congress to pass laws requiring that American citizens pay federal income taxes on the income that they earn exclusively from within the United States, then why isn’t there a law stating this clearly and precise?” Because, the fact of the matter is that in Article 26 it states that one’s “taxable income” is simply their “gross income” minus “allowable deductions”. Well that was simple, right? However, let’s not assume that we know what they mean when they use these phrases. Legal wording is not always defined the same by the legal document as it may be defined by common knowledge. “Gross income”, it turns out is defined as “income from whatever sources derived within the United States ”. Once again it sounds simple. Surely, that means wherever your money comes from inside the U.S. , right? One would think, but let’s see what they say about ”sources from within the Untied States.” This is defined by the section that you are referred to (Section 861) as non-resident aliens who have income inside the U.S., U.S. citizens that have income from outside the U.S., and those who have income from investments in U.S. territories (such as Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.). This is the extent of the list of types of income that would be considered to be “gross income” as defined by the official tax code. They don’t want you to know that since the U.S. Constitution only empowered Congress SPECIFIC abilities and that taxing domestic income wasn’t listed as one of them, they have no right to pass a law requiring such a tax. Therefore, the only way that they could tax domestic transactions was to word the tax for foreign affairs in such a way that it appeared to be for ALL income domestic and foreign. The IRS has never officially answered the thousands of letters asking this exact question. And they never will as long as people keep mindlessly handing over huge portions of their earnings.

As far as your article is concerned, it saddens me that someone, such as yourself, would openly admit to not knowing anything about taxes or how to prepare a return properly and turn around and insult those who refuse to accept a belief simply because uninformed people, such as yourself, will cowardly believe it never asking for a shred of evidence of why they must pay it. Patriots fought to build this country, men who wouldn’t accept the tyrannical oppression of the elite. Today, that same oppressive force comes from new faces that threaten to take away our possessions, our families, and even our freedom if we don’t submit to their unjust reign. Patriots will not accept this. Men who just sign the dotted line know nothing of heroism.


Very well spoken Levi. I'd be curious to what kind of response you get from him if any.

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