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Theft by Deception

Last night I watched a video on google Video that was an hour and a half long. Wait, let me back up. I was told about a year or so ago that the money that I earn isn't taxable by our federal government. I had heard rumors about his sort of thing. Maybe you have, too? I heard statements like "It's unconstitutional to charge taxes on every American citizen" and "Did you know that we were never to be taxed on the money we make?". Well, because of these statements I started beleiving that indeed my earnings shouldn't be taxed by the federal government. I just never knew why.

The majority of Americans also don't know why. They don't know why they pay taxes. They think they do, but they don't really know. To the question "why do you pay taxes?" most Americans will say something like "I have to", "so that our government will have money for programs like public education", "so that the IRS won't arrest me", and so forth. But, despite everything they may know about taxes and how they are calcualted, they have no knowledge whatsoever of the laws that make them think they have to pay taxes.

I'm going to do something awesome for my blog readers. I'm going to give you a 90 minute educational video in a nutshell. However, I strongly suggest watching this video if you have the time. It explains in much greater detail what I am going to attempt to make clear in a much shorter description.

To begin, you must first understand the process in which the tax law is derived. The Constitution authorizes Congress to pass laws regarding certain specific issues. Congress then enacts laws relating to these matters which are then encoded into the Statutes of the United States code. The code is divided into 50 titles. Title 26 is the federal tax title. Laws passed by Congress may add new sections, delete old sections, or change the wording of existing sections of the code however the basic scope of the income tax laws have mostly remained the same. It's important to know that the Statutes are not the end of the law. Congress is merely the Legislative branch. They only make the law according to the power given to them by the Constitution. It's up to the Executive branch to enforce the law. So, the Executive branch has written the Regulations as the official notice to the public for what is required of them. The Regulations were written to mirror the applicable Statute. Much of the wording is exactly the same, however the Regulations tend to expand into greater detail the specifics that the Statutes only generalize. All federal power of the law must go through these motions: The Constitution grants power to Congress to write a Statute in which a Regulation is written by the Executive branch to enforce this statute. Looking at this backwards, there can be no regulation requiring the public to do something without a statute that requires it. And, there can be no statute requiring something that the Constitution does not specifically authorize Congress to write.

Have I lost you yet? I hope not. I'll get to the point and just save any further confusion. On the surface it would appear that the Statutes and applicable Regulations do authorize all income derived from within the United States to be taxable income. However, the problem with the language of the law (or legaleze) is that it uses words and phrases that most people assume they know the definitions to. But, if you look further into these Statutes and Regulations you will find that they have definitions for them. In these definitions one can find that the only revenue that should be being taxed is income dealing with foreign matters. For example, a non-resident alien making money from inside the U.S. or a U.S. company or individual making money by selling products outside the U.S. These were and still are the intentions of these Statutes and Regulations. Why then do we pay taxes? The answer: mass ignorance of the law. We aren't the only ones, though. IRS employees most likely haven't read the law. Or if they have, they haven't completely understood it for the same reason we don't understand it. It has been changed over the years in minor ways that make it more difficult to find the true intent of the law. Some may ask if Congress has changed the law so that it IS the law to pay federal income tax now despite it's original intent. This is not so. Congress can never pass a law making a statute directly requiring people to pay income taxes on income made domestically because the Constitution does not specifically grant them the power to do so. Congress has, however, over the years omitted certain statements in the Statutes that made the original intent more obvious. Now it is much more difficult to find the true meaning of the law, but is very easily found if you first study the history of that law. It can still be found today, however since most Americans assume we owe taxes they tend to disregard statements that contradict this. They think that they must have read it incorrectly when in reality they have stumbled upon the truth. Congress wants the people to believe that they owe taxes, and have made it quite a maze to find out the truth. It's extremely important to realize that this is not some loophole I speak of. This isn't trickery with the legal language. This is clear truth that our government has worked dilligently to hide. They have succeeded in creating a society where the people want to hand over their possessions. The IRS uses threats of imprisonment and the people never second guess the law. They just agree to pay taxes they don't owe. When we sign the bottom of our tax return forms we don't read what it says there. However, what you are agreeing to by signing it is that "under penalty of perjury" you state that you owe income taxes. They never say you owe them. You tell them by signing that you owe them. We're doing it to ourselves. We do it over and over again every year, because we've been conditioned to think that we owe them when in truth we do not owe them anything unless we had income coming in from investments in foreighn countries.

I cannot explain in such a short time exactly how it has come to be that the majority of Americans thoughtlessly hand over a huge portion of their income. So, I stress to you to watch this video and find out for yourself the how and why of it all. I will continue to do my own research for I want to be prepared with the knowledge of my right not to pay federal income taxes unjustly. The video can be found by going to and searching "Theft by Deception".


The reality is though that they do put you in prison and they do garnish your wages.They took 20000 dollars right out of my dads account without permission. They can and will do these things. The question is how do you keep the government from breaking its own laws.

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