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Must Have Albums

Music has always been a staple in my life, much like bread or milk. Music has the ability to sink into the deepest parts of our emotions. Music is used to relax people, to inspire people, for comfort, for pleasure, etc. It's even sometimes used to annoy. I have yet to find a person that does not like some kind of music. No matter who you are, you enjoy some form of music. Even those emotionally disturbed kids who "hate the world" and completely isolate themselves listen to music.

I was mentally running through my rolodex of music this weekend while driving home from West Plains and I started to think about the albums that I enjoy listening to the most. Out of the many albums of music that I own there are only a handful that have stood the test of time with me. These albums are my must-have's. I never get tired of them. I know all the words, and I always sing along. There are hundreds of songs that I love and don't get old, but there just aren't that many full length albums that I can honestly say I don't get tired of.

What I find interesting is that I don't necessarily like other works from the same artist (or band). I also wondered what this list of "must-have" albums must say about the person who places them into this category. See, someone can like a single song from an artist like "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen. No one thinks very much of that, after all it's a classic that most people like. However, beware of those men that have the entire Queen collection. Along the same lines, you would be hard pressed to find a 25 to 35 year old NOT singing along to Poison's "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", but run the other direction if you find yourself at a Halloween party where there are four guys who thought it would be funny to cross-dress just like them.

Anyway, here is my sort list of must-have albums in no particular order:

Toad the Wet Sprocket - Dulcinea
Coldplay - Rush of Blood to the Head
Barenaked Ladies - Stunt
Blind Melon - self titled
clutch - self titled
Weezer - self titled
Jars of Clay - self titled
Ryan Adams - Love is Hell
Dave Matthews Band - Crash
Elliott Smith - XO
Presidents of the United States of America - self titled
Trail of Altars - Cry of a Generation
Mad Season - Above
Radiohead - Ok Computer
Temple of the Dog - self titled

The funny part about Jars of Clay's first album making the list is that they are one of only two bands listed here that I actually got to see perform live. And they were horrible! The album is great, but they sucked it up. Since, I have heard from people that they were good live, but they were rank at the first Dare to Care concert at the Shrine. The other band I saw was Clutch and they put on a good show at the Juke Joint. I haven't really liked anything else they've ever put out there, though. Their first album had an awesome flow from one song to the next and had a central theme. Everything now is just hard and raunchy and thrown together (in my opinion).

If I had to self-psycho-analyze myself based on this list alone I would say that I am not so complex. I have different moods to my personality, but fewer than most. I'm easy going (Blind Melon, Dave Matthews Band). I have a good sense of humor (Barenaked Ladies, Clutch, Weezer, Presidents...). I'm morbidly depressed (Elliott Smith). There goes my sense of humor. Over all, I'm very laid back and I get along with others who are, too.

There is a lot more music that I like, but not really any that is contained in a single album that is equally enjoyable from beginning to end.

What's your list and what does it say about you?


I'm going to have to think about this quite a bit but for now one of my favorites from start to finish is the Counting Crows "August and Everything After" I've actually bought that CD 3x because it's gotten stolen twice.

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