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Man, oh, man.

I think that we are still on track to having the house ready to move into by the 15th, but the days left to work on it keep falling off the calender and the list of things to accomplish still sits in my head without all the check marks that I would love to see by them. We are making some great progress, but I think that I haven't seen any checkmarks because we've been working on the hardest and most tedious two tasks on the list.

Jodi has spent the last, I don't know how long, scraping off wallpaper. Not one, not two, but three or more layers of wallpaper. It's funny. Jodi found some wallpaper that was applied over the same style wallpaper. Now, I ask you why anyone in their right mind would spend time and money covering their wall-papered walls with the exact same wallpaper. That's like using a bar of soap to wash another bar of soap. Anyway, the house looks good. There's wallpaper scrapings everywhere. It's like walking through a puppy potty-training area. The walls also look appropriately like crap, however they're mostly smoothed down and ready for texture, then paint. So, good stuff! Also, the bathroom that I am remodeling is finally coming together. I finally got all of the plaster and lathe board off the walls and out of the house last weekend. I started on the new plumbing then and finished it Tuesday night. I properly tested it last night and found no leaks, so Yay!

Here is the remaining job list that needs to be done. There's much more to the list, of course, but these are things that need to be done before we move in on the 15th. Speaking of which, I think that I'm going to try to push this date back to the 17th or 18th. The 15th is on a Thursday and while I can take a day off to move, I don't think that I'm going to have much luck obtaining help from my friends. The 17th and 18th are Saturday and Sunday, but I'm going to have to try and work that out with our landlords. Previously, we had agreed to do a half month for March, but I'll have to see if I can sweet-talk them into letting us pro-rate the extra 3 days.


l for Jodi. I spent 4-5 days stripping wallpaper that was not an easy chore. I ask why would anyone glue paper to their wall....argh. I have a steamer if you ever need to borrow it.

that first sentence was supposed to say. I feel for Jodi.

Seems a little overwhelming seeing it written down like that. AAaaa. We'll get it done though. I HAVE FAITH!!!

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