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All Moved In

We got everything moved last weekend. We filled a 24 foot U-Haul three times. Saturday and Sunday were excrutiating. After 6 weeks of working at SRC during the day and working on the house during the night, I was ready for a nice weekend of nothing to do but lounge. I was neither physically nor mentally prepared for this move. Throughout the entire process I just wanted to give up and quit despite the consequences. Of course, we didn't have the option to quit, nevertheless I was considering it, justifying it, and making it make sense at least within the walls of my skull. We held out, though. We got it all moved and I officially turned in the keys last night to our old place. It was sad in a way. I'll miss the old pad even though I recall claiming that I hated it as early as last week.

So, do you know what the reward is for sticking to our guns through a move? It's more work. Our house looks like a storage unit. The floors upstairs were still covered in dust, sprinkled with latex paint, and littered with wallpaper scrapings when we were moving in. So, our great idea was to just put everything downstairs and then start moving stuff upstairs after we got everything in and the floors cleaned upstairs. Well, the floors still aren't clean and our stuff is still stacked 6 feet high downstairs. It'll take a month to get things where they need to be and to obtain any amount of organization. I just have to focus on the end result. It's going to be so nice. It's going to be so nice. I have to just keep saying it. It's going to be... well, I guess, I don't have to keep typing it.


FOR REAL!! This is even the 1st time I've been able to read your blog since the dreaded move in and this was written how long ago?? Where is th wriggly nose when we need it?

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