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My friend, James, sent me these today and I couldn't help but watch them over and over again. At first, I did the "OOhh!" thing, but as I watched them the third and fourth times the laughter came over me. The more I watched them, the funnier they became. Now, I do feel sorry for these guys to an extent. I did stupid things when I was a kid, too. But, I'm sure that even these guys had to laugh at themselves when they first saw the video despite stern warnings from the hospital staff that laughing can be very dangerous while in traction.

I'd like to point out the un-sung heroes here, though. It's the geniuses behind the camera that make these so worthwhile for the rest of us. Their steady hand and unfailing dedication to "getting the shot" is honorable. They stand there and watch as their friends attempt semi-amazing feats and when they fail miserably they don't budge. They know that capturing the moment is more important to the world than their friend's lives are to them. They follow the bone-crunching action with a stoic concentration. Blood is spilled, cracking bones are heard, and even the tell-tale thud of a body hitting the concrete with brute force fills the air and yet these cinematic heores are unfazed.

To you, cameraman and friend of idiots, I give a double woop. WOOP WOOP!


That last one was HORRIBLE!!

OH MY !! Is it bad that I was laughing too !!

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