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Back-Up Camera

Maybe it takes a twisted sense of humor to notice these things. Maybe everyone who saw this product made this observation. I don't know which of these is true, but I thought that I'd share with you what I saw. I can just hear the voice-over advertisement: "Backing up a vehicle can be hazardous. Knowing your surroundings while in the driver's seat can be a guessing game that leaves you losing all too often. This year alone, over a million Americans could lose their lives under the rear tires of the family station wagon. However, using the latest technological innovations, VR3 has designed a new life-saving device specifically designed for your killer automobile and has generously made it available to you. It's the Wireless Back-Up Camera System! Never needlessly lose another family member to death by station wagon. With the savings from life-insurance premiums this life saver practically pays for itself. It's a completely wireless system which means an easy installation for you. The color LCD monitor can be easily mounted on your visor next to your vanity mirror allowing you to drive in reverse while applying endless layers of make-up. Take advantage of this special offer now while supplies last so that next time your wife is kissing your small child while thoughtlessly sitting in the driveway directly behind your station wagon beyond your field of vision she won't be kissing their lives goodbye.


Well I'LL comment on this.....
Now that's funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Seriously though, not the best marketing if you really check it out. Think beyond the box for this blooper.

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