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3rd Yeariversary!

Yesterday was mine and Jodi's third yeariversary! We're really excited about it even though the day would've come and gone without our notice if it hadn't been for Jodi's sudden epiphany last night right before we went to sleep. But, either way it's still a momentous milestone in our lives.
You know, it just dawned on me that maybe you don't know what a yeariversary is. It's the anniversary to the day we met. We would call it our Anniversary, but then people would get confused as to when we were married. And, saying, "It's our third anniversary to the day in which we met" is cumbersome and takes too long. Then, people ask who we met? You see where that just gets too complicated? It's much easier to write a big old long blog about it. Hee hee.
It actually started years ago back before yeariversaries were invented. They started as weekiversaries and then morphed into monthiversaries. I'm sure you see the pattern formed here. So, if you would like to use the terms that you have learned here today in your own relationships, then Jodi and I both approve of you doing so and we hereby release any intellectual properties and binding ownership addendums to you. We herein allow the afforementioned terms be made public real property and concede any further allottments or entitlements.

Three Years! Wow!
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Baby, I just love you so much. You're such a sweetie. And I just LOVE the the graphics, the sweet one AND the funny one. That made me laugh, it's pretty funny. Are you getting all the hoo ha talk from thinking about contracts?? addendum and such

Dec. 23rd is our 2 yearversary ( i think I spelled that wrong). Our We do the same thing as we did on our first date every year. Eat BBQ chicken pizza at South Ave. Pizza (AWESOME) and then watch a animated movie. Our first movie was the incredibles. Oh as we celebrate that we're celbrating Festivus. Any Seinfeld fans out there?
Take Care,

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