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Home Improvement Deadlines to Meet

This winter has been a confusing one, for sure.  We've had a lot of winter precipitation and some pretty long stretches of cold that has kept us from getting much done outside like we would have liked.  However, we've also had some nice days tossed in there quite randomly, too, where we were able to get out and really use our time effectively.

In the last couple of weeks, we've really made our fire pit work hard for us.  We cleared out a ton of brush and even cut down several trees.  Our unkempt "fence line forest" is starting to look like a normal fence.  And, I look forward to both the decrease in mosquito habitat as well as the increase in sunshine reaching our yard.  More sunshine means better, healthier lawn.

In preparation for the new siding installation...  Wait.  Have I mentioned that before?  So, yeah, we're getting new siding!  How awesome is that?!  Aaaaand, we're getting new soffit and fascia, as well.  Our house is going to get a full-on makeover.  That should probably start in the next couple of weeks and potentially be completed in about a month from now, weather permitting.  We hired this one out.  Being 30 feet off the ground is not my thing.

So, back to what I was saying, in preparation for the new siding installation, we have had a list of items that need to get done before the new siding gets put on.  That list is as shown below:
  • Install new locking garage door handle
  • Install new garage side entry door and trim out
  • Trim out garage door
  • Run electric wiring for the two back door lights
  • Run speaker wiring for outdoor deck speakers
  • Run electric wiring to garage
  • Run electric wiring to new light on front of garage
  • Run electric wiring to outdoor receptacle on deck
  • Run electric wiring to outdoor receptacle on front porch
  • Install replacement crown trim on front porch
  • Build garage door lock linkage
  • Replace missing glass in garage door
  • Clear off front porch
I got the marked out items accomplished last Saturday and would have liked to get more done on Sunday.  But, despite Saturday's beautiful 51 degree high temperature with partial sun, Sunday morning started out with several inches of sleet and had a couple inches of snow fall throughout the day with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills in the negative teens.  That's pretty classic for Springfield, Missouri.  The good news is that nice weather is coming back.  Slowly but surely, we are set to be back up to almost sixty degrees this Friday.


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