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A Porch Renovation Timeline

A front porch is important to the house.  While it's not necessarily the first thing people see when they pull up to your property, it's where their eyes will travel once out of their vehicle and walking towards the front door.  It's the first real personal impression of your home.  It's what they will look around at after knocking and before you get to the door to welcome them in.

Our porch has gone through some major changes in two big steps at two separate times.  The first photo shows the porch basically how we found it.  What that photo doesn't show is the baseball-sized hole near the stairs that made people doubt whether or not they wanted to take that leap of faith just to see us.  I don't know if anyone ever turned back at this point and perhaps I'll never know.  Either way, you can see from the second photo that we repaired the hole by cutting out all of the boards near the stairs and replacing them with better (still used) boards that I got from our friend, Jake Sing, after a job he did removing a porch.  Jodi scraped, primed and painted the floor giving it a much needed makeover and I ripped out the old, mismatched, rotted rails and replaced them with nice new treated rails that I built.

It looked tons better.  However, that was many years ago.  Time and wear have shown their work on the paint since then, which you can see in the third photo.  You can also see that we chose to paint the rails white.  This photo was taken last Sunday afternoon.  You might notice that the siding on the house is missing.  The siding guys (Covering Exteriors)(plug, plug) had this all prepped for the new siding that is still being put on the house as I write this.

It took me about an hour, but I got all the old porch boards removed and all the nails pulled out of the joists (4th photo).  I had to add a couple small connecting joists that should have been there given the design, but were not.  No biggie.

The new floor (5th photo) went in nicely.  I started it Sunday, worked on it until I ran out of screws on Monday night, and finished it Tuesday night after stopping at Lowe's on my way home from work.  I'm super happy with how it turned out.

The siding on the porch got completed yesterday which completed the package.  Jodi and I LOVE it!  I have to re-hang the porch swing and put the welcome mat back in front of the door.  But, I think that we are done with it!  And, that's a great feeling.  :)


Wow! Your porch looks really good now. I do agree with what you said at the beginning. A porch really does provide the first impression of your home. It was a good decision for you to redo it as not only will the hole on the stairs look ugly, it could be a hazard as well. Great job!
Arthur Bryant

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