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In my last blog, I listed out all the things that we needed to get done before the siding went up.  All those things are now done, which is good since the siding started going up today.  Yay!!!

The first photo was taken in September of '09.  Despite how large and in charge our house is, you couldn't see it for all the growth.  We admit that we liked it this way.  It was nice to have a natural privacy fence, and boy do I mean private!  Behind this wall of shrubs, small trees, vines, and honeysuckle, we enjoyed our island in the midst of the city.

The second photo was taken at the end of the same day as the first photo.  Though, obviously, I had been busy that day.  In case you're thinking that these photos look familiar, it's because I've blogged about this particular improvement before.  It was four and half years ago so I'm entitled to make mention of it again.  However, the real reason I showed these photos was to show what the house looked like before the white metal siding was pulled off.  Also, I want to familiarize you with all the green in the photo since we have also been involved in some herbal genocide on our property.  I won't show any of the finished photos yet since we are very much in the process, but expect some very soon.

In the third photo (all photos can be clicked on for enlargement), you'll see that the metal siding has been pulled off exposing the original wooden dutch lap siding.  These windows were wrapped by our siding guys and J-channel was installed around them.  Jodi cleaned them up and has been working her tail off getting them all painted and looking awesome!  Also, you can see our new blinds.  We got some super nice blinds for the entire house.  It was awesome to get some uniformity to the inside of our home.  Also, though you can't see much of it, in the top-right corner of the photo you can see our new soffit and fascia.  This house is looking awesome!

Lastly, here is a picture of our new siding being installed!  It's looking great!  I'm really happy with the new look and can't hardly wait to see the finished product.  These external improvements were a long time coming and wouldn't have been financially possible without some major help from Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord our Provider.  This is the year of completion for this house and with the completion of all these tasks getting checked off the master to-do list, it's seeming more and more possible that we may have some major rest coming to us in the very near future!


Wow, the house looks very nice! Its design is simple, yet well done. It seems the renovation went pretty well, as things look like they're brand new. And congratulations on accomplishing your project with the window; it looks much better than before. Anyway, thank you for keeping us updated on your developments. Cheers!

Shirley Todd @ ArjaySWF

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