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Lyric Showing Off Some Skillz

Yesterday, Jodi recorded Lyric and he performed wonderfully for the camera. In recent months this has become difficult since he wants to see the result of the recording almost immediately. That's the con of digital cameras, that children want to see the photo sometimes to the point of not holding still for the photo to be taken. On the other hand, seeing the result immediately make smaller children understand better what you are doing and some get excited that they're going to see themselves soon. This excitement makes the video or photo better.

It's funny to me to think that when I was a kid there were no digital cameras for immediate results. We understood that when we smiled for the camera we probably would never see the results of that smile. It's just one more way that technology is attempting to calm our insatiable appetite for immediate gratification. I wonder if patience will still be around in another 20 years when there will be entertainment everywhere where there is possible waiting to take place.

I read an article not that long ago, that was talking about an advertising company that had started placing small flat-screen TVs atop gas pumps. They explained that the amount of potential customers to view the commercials playing was a very high number. They also explained that gas pumpers had the highest ratio of dispensable income compared to virtually any other shopping experience of similar volume. I found that to be extremely interesting. They, then, pointed out that it's always a boring experience pumping gas and that if there were a screen showing virtually anything on it that people's attention would be fixated on it.

So, this company has already begun placing screens on gas pumps and has had no trouble at all finding advertisers to pay big bucks for airtime. What a concept.

I'm not sure how I got off on this subject. Lyric's cute isn't he?


Oh my goodness!! Soooo cute!! I almost cried a little when he was singing "Jesus Loves Me"! So sweet!


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