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4th Anniversary

Yesterday was Jodi's and my fourth anniversary. We had a nice day that was full of nontraditional anniversary events, but nice all the same.

After getting out and hitting several stores to look for or pick up various items in need, we came home to put the kiddo to bed who had just fallen asleep in the van after telling me that he was sleepy. While the boy napped, I removed a nail from a van tire and plugged it. Then, I put the replacement part that we picked up that morning from Lowe's on the toilet upstairs getting it back into proper functionality. Then, after we both showered and primped ourselves into two stunning individuals, we headed over to Jennie's house to drop off Lyric with probably the most spoiling babysitter he's ever had.

Jennie's gracious gift to us was a free meal at Hemingway's. Our plates were full of Chicken Curry, Fried Catfish, Fried Shrimp, BBQ Ribs, and Jodi's favorite, Crab Legs. It was a great meal followed by some thrift store shopping and finally a little bit of relaxation before calling it a day.

It was a great day, the 1,441st day of our marriage. I'm really looking forward to the rest of my life with Jodi.


Aaaawwwee honey, me too. Don't forget to mention that the 4th year's traditional gifting is fruit/flowers. But that instead of participating in that that doesn't live for long spoke a prayer instead. One of a marriage that will continue grow in it's beauty and bare the Lord's fruit.

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