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Relocation Nation

I read a friend's blog recently and... well, he's not really a friend per say. He's a husband of a friend... well, hold on, she and I were friends a long time ago. So are we still friends? I mean we never speak to each other, see each other, or have any other communication come to think of it. I do read her husband's blogs. That is a form of communication, right? Well, let me start over.

I was reading this guy's blog whom I've never met and he asked a great blog question. So, I thought that I would piggyback off him rather than come up with my own interesting blog topic. The question was simple: Where (in the USA) would you live if you could live anywhere? The follow-up question is: If you are not living there already, what keeps you from living there?

My answer to this question is Cedar City, Utah. The town is nestled down in a valley surrounded by Utah's most amazing geological marvels. There are several national parks less than an hour away, 3 of which are within a 30-minute drive. A resident there could go hiking every weekend for the rest of their life staying within a 60 mile radius and not hike the same trail twice. These parks contain so many different types of landscapes that a guy like myself could never get bored.  Mountains, deserts, lakes, rock formations.  Even the non-outdoorsy types would find themselves more sun-tanned than ever if they moved here.

Aside from the national parks aspect, the town is very picture perfect. There are about 22,000 residents. There are enough shopping centers and restaurants to be content with going out. It's big enough to serve most needs and small enough to feel like a real community. St. George is home to about 67,000 residents and contains larger shopping avenues. It sits about 50 miles away which is close enough to drive to for more extravagant shopping opportunities yet far enough away so that Cedar City stays it's own unit and not a suburb of something else. Las Vegas is also only 3 hours away. So, small vacations (if you're into that sort of thing) can be had easily enough with a quite reasonable drive.

The reason that I am not living there now is that I have a career going here and I couldn't just up and move out there and hope to find financial stability with any speed. However, I would definitely be open to considering it if I either found a good job out there or could make a living working for myself.

Where would you move to?


Well huh. I've never really been enough places to say ~That's the one~ So...I dunno. I guess Cedar City if that's where you're goin'. :)

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